A cross-platform rhythm game


00_Utility Random helper functions that don't really belong anywhere else.
00_init Initialization of basic functions This file is always executed first.
01_IniFile IniFile: basically a Lua rewrite of SM's IniFile class that serves as the basis for the sm-ssc UserPrefs and ThemePrefs configuration systems.
01_alias command aliases
01_base Mostly default lua function overrides
02_ActorDef Actor creation utilities
02_Serialize Table serialization
03 specific modifiers
09_SimNSkinPreview Noteskin previewing utility
10 Table sum designed for ms tables (optional starting position, default to 0, and absolute value flag)
97 the point of this is to have a square hover area for a text button it is possible to just hover the text but that introduces some odd issues and come on, really, it is harder to click text than it is a square button


Actor Basic Actor class
ActorFrame Actor container/composite
ActorFrameTexture ActorFrameTexture (Inherits ActorFrame)
ActorMultiVertex ActorMultiVertex (Inherits Actor)
BitmapText Font actor
DownloadManager DownloadManager singleton
ScreenManager ScreenManager singleton
SongManager SongManager singleton
Sprite Sprite


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